Last updateSat, 26 Sep 2020 7pm

adidas uses Carbon’s “tunable” lattice to replace foam

Carbon’s technology is changing the way products are being created. By partnering with Carbon, adidas was able to develop the Futurecraft 4D midsole that will allow adidas to tune cushioning properties throughout the shoe, and ultimately provide bespoke athletic footwear. This lattice innovation, enabled by Digital Light Synthesis™, was previously impossible through traditional midsole manufacturing methods.

The Futurecraft 4D success is an example how Carbon’s approach to manufacturing is opening up limitless possibilities not only for adidas designers but also for product development teams in other industry verticals. For the first time, engineers designing for applications such as helmets, orthopedic cushions, car seats, bike seats, and headsets have access to a “tunable” lattice that can effectively replace or complement foam.




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