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Global drinks company leverages beverage-top media by installing 700 Ripple Maker devices to help its premium venue partners increase consumption and on-trade sales

Ripples™, the innovative company behind the Ripple Maker, an ingenious device that can produce any message or image onto foam-topped beverages using natural extracts, has announced a deal with large Japanese beverage company, Suntory Beer, owners of global iconic brands. Suntory Beer has acquired 700 Ripple Maker PM units and is installing them within key certified locations including its flagship “God Foam Bar” and factories. The Ripple Maker PM will be primarily used to engage with consumers, drive consumption and ultimately promote sales of its signature beer brand – The Premium Malt’s.

The certified Suntory Beer venues are known as Premium Super Master Stores and include some of the most popular restaurants around Japan. They have consistently shown their dedication to the Suntory brand and have achieved a certification of quality from the company. Suntory Beer is providing these venues and key accounts with Ripple Maker PM units, a device optimized to print on beers to provide patrons with a unique and engaging experience that will surprise and delight with messages, emojis and images drawn from Ripple’s extensive media library appearing on The Premium Malt’s beer’s legendary superior foam.

In addition to providing in-venue support to its key partners, Suntory Beer has also installed Ripple Maker PM units at its flagship store – the God Foam Bar in Tokyo.

“Suntory Beer’s The Premium Malt’s beer is not only delicious, but it also boasts superior foam that the company has perfected, ultimately offering bars and restaurants an unexpected, yet perfect way to connect with consumers through their favorite brew,” said Yossi Meshulam, CEO of Ripples. “With 700 Ripple Maker PMs setup throughout Japan, Suntory Beer’s key customers will be able to capitalize on the phenomena of beverage-top media to engage consumers with every Suntory drink poured and sell more of their beloved brew.”

Announced last year alongside the rebranded Ripple Maker AM, which uses natural coffee extract ink to customize any foam-topped cup of coffee, Ripple Maker PM is designed to help brands increase their engagement with their customers through nighttime beverages. With the Ripple Maker PM, foam-topped beers and cocktails become blank slates for organizations to connect with patrons and can be turned into joyful, Instagramable moments using natural malt-based ink the latest 3D and inkjet printing technology.

Suntory Beer has started to rollout Ripple Maker PM units to its valued customers across Japan and will continue to setup the devices at its key customers throughout the year.


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