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Nissan Chemical granted licence of StoreDot’s MolecuLED™ solution

Nissan Chemical granted licence of StoreDot’s MolecuLED™ solution

Nissan Chemical to expedite the development and production of high performance in-pixel wavelength conversion coating materials

StoreDot’s MolecuLED™ optimized for printing and photolithography for wide-colour gamut displays delivering superior colour experience and reduced costs

StoreDot Ltd and Nissan Chemical Corporation today announce a development and licencing agreement of StoreDot’s innovative organic MolecuLED™ technology. The agreement is aimed at delivering a new wide-colour gamut wavelength conversion technology, suitable and optimized for next generation displays based on in-pixel wavelength conversion.
Today there is no other technology in the market that is able to reach the processability, yield, cost, efficiency and performance of StoreDot’s MolecuLED for in-pixel wide-colour gamut wavelength conversion. As the technology is fully organic, it inherently solves the issues of environmental harmful and costly metals, such as Cadmium and Indium, used by competing technologies.
Nissan Chemical and StoreDot will combine their respective expertise to adopt and improve StoreDot’s MolecuLED technology for in-pixel display solutions and bring MolecuLED organic technology into mass production.
“There are a number of technologies in the market but, to date, none can offer the superior performance and process ability that StoreDot’s MolecuLED materials can,” explains Nissan Chemical. “In this respect, StoreDot’s technology is both unique and exciting. Currently, no other technology can offer the colour-conversion capability and stability of StoreDot’s organic approach. With this technology, the environmental and safety issues are removed. We’re looking forward to combining our expertise with StoreDot’s unique approach to organic materials to bring this proprietary display technology to our customers.”
“At StoreDot, we’re proud of the ecosystem of strategic partners we’ve built across our business. This partnership combines our expertise in organic materials synthesis, with Nissan Chemical’s industry prowess to turn innovative and organic molecules into display applications,” comments Dr Doron Myersdorf, CEO and cofounder of StoreDot. “With Nissan Chemical, we’re gaining a partner at the forefront of the display industry. As experts in materials, processes and distribution, Nissan Chemical is perfectly positioned to help expedite our MolecuLED technology development and bring it faster to market,” concludes Myersdorf.



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