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10 Reasons Why You Still Use Your "Cheap" Manual Creaser

Graham Harris discusses why companies still use manual creasers, despite the fact they are bleeding them dry...

If you own a traditional desk top manual creaser, the type that has a handle that you push down to produce the desired result, you will know how time consuming and soul destroying it can be to process your digital or offset prints.

You will know that, despite it being cheap to buy, it is in fact bleeding your finances and the poor people operating it, dry. Don't worry, you are in good company, literally tens of thousands of other companies all over the world also use the same method of creasing, and have done for years. You only have to surf the internet after typing in a phrase like "manual creaser" to see hundreds of push down handle creasing units of various brands appearing on screen, and if you delve deeper you will see thousands up for sale through various websites, including eBay.

I have visited dozens of print shops and witnessed firsthand how painstakingly slow and laborious it for someone to be assigned the task of applying creases to hundreds or even thousands of leaflets, one sheet at a time, hour after hour, and sometimes day after day. Such a duty isn't always restricted to the office junior or print finisher either, I have seen printers, production managers, and even Managing Directors bogged down in the same fashion, especially when panic sets in and tight deadlines beckon, it really is a case of "all hands to the deck."

Here are the 10 reasons why you still use your "cheap" manual creaser, despite the fact that it's bleeding you dry:
You picked it up for a snip of a price and it is the cheapest creasing solution on the market
Although you know that your "cheap creaser" works out to be really expensive with all those hours spent operating it, you tell yourself that you are only doing what other companies have to do
There are no better/faster products on the market within a similar price bracket
You would rather die first before calling that sales Rep who offered you that expensive auto machine
It's like an old friend, a bit slow but very reliable
It is portable and takes up hardly any space
The price of the print run covers some of the hours you all spend creasing
It doesn't need plugging in and is maintenance free
You secretly like a bit of hands on graft, a bit of hard work never killed anyone
It's therapeutic to operate, and allows you all to get away from the hustle of business to think about your weekend or holiday
The solution to these creasing dilemmas is simple: Introducing The CreaseStream Mini Series:

We developed three unique creasing solutions, all of them produce excellent quality creasing that eliminates digital cracking several times faster than desk top manual creasers, and the good news is that each one is affordable. Two of our CreaseStream Mini machines require no electrical input and work using a rotary handle. Seeing truly is believing, learn more by clicking on this link and download the brochure


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