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Cost and Benefit of Value Added Printing (VAP) – Management Summary

The term Value Added Printing (VAP) was created some years ago. Users of print products with high-end finishing needs can now access entirely new production and value-adding potential based on the techniques of print providers and technology vendors. Accordingly, the term encompasses not only the end product, but equally the associated techniques, services and produc-tion process. By Jochen Wied.

How to Match Today's Laser Cutting Technology to Application Requirements

Figure 21: Unequal number of parts on each half of the material Laser cutting, a.k.a. digital die cutting, uses high-powered lasers to vaporize materials in the lasers' beam path. The powering on and off of the laser beam and the way in which the beam path is directed towards the substrate effects the specific cuts that the artwork requires. Because cut away parts are vaporized the hand labor or complicated extraction methods otherwise needed for small part scrap removal is eliminated, by Markus Klemm, R&D Software Engineer, Spartanics.

7 Tips for Printing and Folding Funeral Order of Service Cards Like a Pro -

Written by guest blogger Andre Palko of Tech-ni-Fold USA

The first time a funeral director called us at the office, my mind immediately started racing, at first thinking it a wrong number, and a split second later thinking, "Oh no, who could it be?" Fortunately it was a business call, not to mention a sign of the changing times in the printing industry. The funeral home, it turns out, was having trouble finishing the order of service cards they produced in their office. He explained his frustrations to me. With today's changes in printing and copying technology, printing is no longer the province of skilled craftsmen.

Special launch event for M80 in Saudi Arabia

Khaled Alkholifi, Abdel Karim Almourdi Abdel Aziz, Yazid Abdel malek Al Qassem, Sheikh Bandar Alkhorayef and Frank Eckert were happy with the successful event.In November, together with its Saudi Arabian representation Alkhorayef Printing Solutions, MBO organized a special event in Riyadh. Around 50 invited guests, all of them executives, decision makers or owners of large print shops and binderies from across the country were invited to the famous Hotel Rosewood for the presentation of MBO's current product range followed by a gala dinner. Frank Eckert, CEO MBO group, and Sheikh Bandar Alkhorayef, owner of the eponymous MBO representation in Saudi Arabia, guided the honoured guests through the evening.

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